Important Information for Yukkin’s multiple Tuesday

Hey everyone it’s Yukkin,

I’m presenting my project  Tuesday and we will be making prints as a class. We are going to be printing our hands on shirts or pants to mimic holding up breasts or buttocks. Please bring a spare pants or a shirt or apron if you want to decorate your own items. We will be using thermochromic ink that changes colour with heat. The base concentrated pigment is highly concentrated and it’s noted to not interact with skin. I have the information sheet on the product to show for everyone to be properly informed. This concentrated pigment is highly diluted and mixed with oil based fabric printing ink that is washable with soap and water. I have tested this ink with my own hands and have found no reaction to it or irritation at all. I will provide saran-wrap to cover hands if people do not wish to have the ink directly on their hands. Further I will get some bandoes in case people forget or don’t have an item. 



Week 12


Visit to the copy shop in the UC – explore timelines for printing commercially

Discuss projects in progress

Work in class


Discuss projects in progress

Work in class

Note, participation grades can change before final submission of grades – attendance and presence for discussions, critiques, work in progress, and supporting your community matter. Please join us!

Critiques begin on TUESDAY next week – sign up for dates in class.

Week 11


Artist Spotlight from Take A Stand playlist Art 21:

Barbara Kruger

Stephanie Syjuco

FINAL assignment: Make an Artist Multiple or Independent, Open Media work – all ideas to be discussed with instructor in class on THURSDAY this week.

Sign up for critiques in the last week!


Make an Artist Multiple

RECOMMENDED MEDIA: Posters, post-cards, T-shirts, mugs, a set of stickers, banners, matchbooks, artist books, modified products, small sculptures or other commercially-printed or mass printed media.

Due: See schedule for details


Since the 1950’s artists have been making accessible works in a series/edition intended for wider distribution than an expensive “original”. They would undermine the idea of precious/one-of-a-kind artworks, and be related to everyday objects and operations.

They have been made as prints, small manufactured sculptures, pins, artist books, magazines, postcards, t-shirts and other commercially reproducible media.

Artist multiples are sometimes playful and mischievous – exploring new and surprising manifestations of commercial goods – for example they are personal, satiric, highly conceptual, queer, alternative to mainstream ideas etc. They can also convey activist messages intended for wide distribution.

Students will create a playful artist multiple in a form intended to be made in “multiple”. You can create one or more of your multiples, or a few items in a series – and consider the ideal “edition” size when you show your work in critique. Your work should be finished like a product in a store, and this may include packaging to finish the work.

Consider artist multiples by some of the following artists:

Hiba Abdallah

Sandy Plotnikoff

Dave Dyment

Yoko Ono

David Shrigley

Kelly Mark

Adam David Brown

Roula Partheniou

Paige Gratland

Micah Lexier

Jessie Eisner

Tracey Emin

Piero Manzoni

John Baldessari

Fiona Banner

Germaine Koh

Jenny Holzer

Fluxus (various)

Students will document finished works at the studio with a backdrop/or in action for addition to the blog.

Two “commercial” style photos of your multiple must be posted on the blog with a title and short description by the end of the day at least one week after the last class to receive a final grade.

Week 10


Present books in progress draft 1

Discuss ideas in progress and make corrections for Thursday ORDERING DEADLINE


Present books in progress – remaining students

Complete cover designs, make corrections in consultation with Nathan and Diane


Remember to post a PDF of your book on the blog – with a title and note about it – so it can be graded as “Book in Progress”. This is due by the end of the day Tuesday next week!

Homework for Tuesday next week:

Barbara Kruger, Now and Here, 2011

Watch the entire: Take A Stand playlist from Art 21 –

Make notes on two of the artists, and at least two artworks in total that you are interested in.

Discuss how the artists think about justice issues, and how they use strategies of agitation and transmission to “take a stand”. What kinds of unique tools and strategies can artists bring to activist projects? How does their work inspire your own thinking about art, and about justice? How could these artists influence your practice? Start thinking/making notes about an idea for a unique artist multiple you can start working on next week.

Note: Next week we will look at samples of artist multiples, and discuss our final assignment. Students can make a multiple in any medium – or – complete an independent work on any theme, in any medium due for show-and-tell discussion/critiques in the last week of classes. Be prepared to discuss some ideas in class.

Week 8

Tuesday – (no class meeting, make up class on Sat. Oct 21 Toronto Field Trip)

Thursday –

Artist Talk from Evgenia

Demo on book layout design with Nathan

Discussions of ideas in development

Week 9


Meetings with Diane about book in progress

Work time on scanning, layouts, and printing layouts in progress

BE BREPARED FOR AN IN-PROGRESS CRITIQUE ON TUESDAY with the class – there will limited time next week to correct, copyedit, and refine your design to be ordered for publication on Thursday by the end of class time.