Important Information for Yukkin’s multiple Tuesday

Hey everyone it’s Yukkin,

I’m presenting my project  Tuesday and we will be making prints as a class. We are going to be printing our hands on shirts or pants to mimic holding up breasts or buttocks. Please bring a spare pants or a shirt or apron if you want to decorate your own items. We will be using thermochromic ink that changes colour with heat. The base concentrated pigment is highly concentrated and it’s noted to not interact with skin. I have the information sheet on the product to show for everyone to be properly informed. This concentrated pigment is highly diluted and mixed with oil based fabric printing ink that is washable with soap and water. I have tested this ink with my own hands and have found no reaction to it or irritation at all. I will provide saran-wrap to cover hands if people do not wish to have the ink directly on their hands. Further I will get some bandoes in case people forget or don’t have an item.