Experimental 2/3 Assignment Ideas

Exercises by Artists: Abramovic, Fluxus, Learning to Love You More, Do it, Erwin Wurm, Jen de Los Reyes, Academie X, photos of you holding hands with a stranger

Intervention assignments – cross a boundary, go somewhere you shouldn’t

Colour Sculpture/Intervention:

Text As Art: Make a Sign for a Fictional event, Make a BIG BANNER in public, Site specific didactic intervention, Laurel Woodcock, Micah Lexier, Dave Dyment, Lawrence Weiner, Jenny Holzer, Bruce Nauman, Artists who use text

reading on Text as Art

Tattoos as Art

Spacious Quiet assignment (Acoustic ecology podcast from On Being, and artists who use silence –  or Walking as Art – reading/response/exercise

Videos -collage, montage and sound, Daniel Cockburne, Arthur Jaffa, Christian Marclay,

Videos – After Gillian Wearing

Walking as Art: Richard Long, Francis Alys, Tim Knowles,