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Internet video, I wanted to play partly on ASMR trope as well as meme culture by playing the role of an unprofessional dentist. There’s not much to say about this video, but it did give me a good laugh.

“Never Enough Time”

This video, “Never Enough Time”, is not the final product, as I intend to continue to work on it, but true to the title, well…

Time is my worst enemy.

I can never seem to keep track of it. Particularly when I get swept up in one of various Obsessions, I constantly feel like I’m a snail moving in slow motion as the world moves too fast for me to keep up. Taking a quick peak in the desk mirror easily turns into minutes and into hours of obsessing, squeezing, tweezing, altering, and covering up.

I knew I wanted the video to feature a variety of both found and made “objects”/clips, all related to a distorted perception of time. Part of those clips include the view of different weather conditions as seen from my backyard at the house I rent in Guelph. I have several different clips of various weather, some taken just days apart, although it looks like some are taken at different times of the year. Psychological/mood instability reflected through weather metaphors is cliche for sure, but accurate nonetheless. During the colder months, particularly the very end/start of the year, my ability to regulate and control emotional states becomes incredibly challenging. Time feels simultaneously too slow and too fast. I feel like I’m a different person on different days.

My relationship with medication has been somewhat complicated, in part due to stigma and my own feelings of shame; part of that shame, I think, comes from my acknowledgement and fear of drug dependency, and my personal/family history of substance abuse, which also drastically alters sense of time.

I felt like the video of Bobby’s last day was connected to this idea of running out of time, paired with the subject matter itself and the emotional reaction I get every time I see it, I feel like it adds to the message of the video I’m trying to share.

“Dogs are children”

I initially had wanted to film my parents and sister reacting to her birth video as a way to reflect on her maturation as her 18th birthday approaches. However, my parents no longer had a cassette player to view the video and weren’t sure if they even still had the camcorder it was filmed on.

Instead, I chose instead to reflect on the dynamics of my family currently, partly following the death of our beloved family dog, Bobby. We lost the family cat of about 19 years last September, 2021, and lost the family dog of 16 years beginning of March, 2022. We’ve had other animals come in and out of our lives over the years, but those two had been part of the core family, even coming with us as we moved to Panama in 2008, and was cramped with all of us in our old, green Windstar coming back in 2010.

The video cuts back and forth between videos before Bobby’s passing and after his passing, showing how involved animals are in my family’s lives. My younger brother (my “irish twin”; he is 10 months younger than me and has Global Developmental Delay), actually filmed the last moments he had with Bobby before my parents took him to the vet. Watching it was hard, not just because of the fact it was the last video we had of him, or because my mother and younger brother are clearly emotionally distraught, but also because it was one of the few instances where my family is united, expressing their true emotions in a reasonable, healthy way. Near the end, as my mom is about to leave, she looks back at my brother filming, and goes in to give him a hug and a kiss, telling him “you’ll be okay, Julian; we’ll be okay.”

In “FAMILY DOGS”, the film opens with aclip of the two surviving family dogs, Foxy and Bear, sleeping in my parents’ bed. The next scene features one extended shot showing what anyone can expect to see upon entering the house; the dogs waiting by the door to greet and chaperone any guests. As the camera pans from the dining room around to the living room, the video cuts to another clip I had recently took of my family this past Easter weekend. My mom is sitting in the livingroom with my brother and his Fiancee, discussing family pets. I jokingly ask them if they’d want two kittens (as my friend is giving away two), knowing they’d say no since they already had two sisters. Funnily enough, my mom interjects to tell my brother and his fiancee that she is expecting grandchildren soon, and I was lucky enough to have been filming to catch their reaction. The video cuts back to the house tour, where we continue back to the dining room and kitchen area, circling back to show the top of the stairs to the main hallway. The video cuts out again to a clip my younger brother filmed of my parents getting ready to bring Bobby to be euthanized.


React” videos

(1) of my litttle sister, Elizabeth, and our parents live-reacting to Elizabeth’s birth video

Lifestyle tutorials

(2) on healthful habits;

Geared towards people who are stuck. Ways to help keep oneself moving and not get stuck… metaphorically, its like following a tutorial to bake, and the recipe calls to butter a pan to prevent your cake from sticking to the pan, but someone doesn’t even have butter. So, provide an alternative like using aluminum foil.

(3) satire; highlight unhealthful habits?

^Satiric tutorial, thinking of this video:

(4) How to Basic


Elizabeth is turning 18 years old this year in April, and I figured it would be humbling to have her sit beside our parents and watch the video of her birth. She is the last-born child, the youngest of four. The age gaps between us are as follows;

(1993) Nelson– 5 years later – (1998) Me– 10 months later – (1998) Julian– 6 years later- (2004) Elizabeth.

Using a very scientific/investigative approach.

The scientific method:

  1. Observation: My youngest sister is the only one with a birth video, she is turning 18 (becoming a legal adult)
  2. What would happen if I sat my sister and parents down and filmed them watching the video of her birth?
  3. If, then, because…
  4. Prediction.
  5. Test
  6. Iterate results


Other internet research

How to basic:

You Suck At Cooking

Hangover ramen
If you dont want to watch the whole video, watch from 1:18 to 3:00

Internet video niches I’m into:

  • Twitch Streamers
    • HasanAbi
  • Internet drama/ “tea” commentary channels
    • D’Angelo Wallace
    • Hot Tea
    • Mysterious
    • H3H3 Productions
    • GreenIsNotNick
  • Commentary
    • Kat Blaq
    • D’Angelo Wallace
    • Tee Noir
    • KJ Speaks
    • ContraPoints
    • Drew Gooden
  • Video essayists
    • Mysterious
    • Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan
    • VOX
  • Art and Animation
    • Amon Productions
    • Jack Stauber
    • Alpay Efe
    • Emils Salmins
    • Maarit Hanninen
    • Egoraptor
    • Sakimichan
    • Andrew Tischler
    • Emily Artful
  • Art Talk
    • The Art Assignment
    • Artnet
  • Cooking
    • You Suck At Cooking
    • Uncle Roger by Mr Nigel Ng
  • True Crime, Criminal and Social Psychology
    • JCS
    • Matt Orchard
    • Boze Vs. The World
    • Bailey Sarian
  • Mental health
    • Dr. Tracey Marks
    • Anna Akana
  • Lifestyle and self-help
    • Anna Akana
    • How to ADHD
  • Crochet
    • Erin B
    • TL Yarn Crafts
    • Krystal Everdeen
  • Satire and Comedy
    • The Onion
    • Anna Akana
    • Brian David Gilbert
    • Limmy
    • Jaboody Dubs
    • ClickHole
    • ProZD
    • Lasagnacat
  • Politics and News
    • HasanAbi
    • Second Thought
    • The Young Turks
    • The Rational National
    • The Majority Report with Sam Seder
  • History
    • Karolina Zebrowska
  • Video games
    • Dunkey
    • Cr1TiCaL (Charlie White)
    • No0b3
  • Music Theory and Analysis
    • Adam Neely
    • The Needle Drop (
  • Science
    • ASAP Science
    • Science insider
  • Chiropractic
    • B Mondragon
  • ???
    • Ostonox
  • Beauty
    • Lab Muffin Beauty
    • Bailey Sarian
    • James Welsh
    • Alexandra Anele
    • Smitha Deepak
    • Deeper Than Hair TV
    • Manes by Mell
    • Brad Mondo
    • Simply Nailogical
    • John Maclean
  • Idk but I like
    • Daily Dose of Internet

Youtube Videos Examples

Ostonox illustrates the extensive, laboring process of synthesizing the voice of Hasan Piker, a popular political streamer on, into a text-to-speech (TTS) program.

Ostonox is an independent creator who edits videos, known mainly for their video edits of Leftist Twitch Streamer, Hasan Piker (also known as HasanAbi). Ostonox initially gained notoriety from their comedic video edits on the subreddit r/okbuddyhasan, a niche forum dedicated to posting and sharing a variety of content that involves or relates to Hasan and his fanbase. The subreddit is filled with art, video clips, edits, memes, and inside jokes of Hasan’s community.

Ostonox uses clips from Hasan’s video streams, using various visual and audio effects to emphasize highlights in a comedic manner. This can include;

zooming in on or cropping video frames and either leaving them with black surrounding space;

enlarging the cropped frame to fill up more of the screen, or;

Employs split-screen effect by placing adjacent images, videos, or text;

Overlaying images (such as screen shots or web pages) and videos to support or contradict what the original clip is communicating;

Sound effects and ambient music to establish mood;

They overlay images and video clips from external sources.


WEEK FOUR: Multiples in the World


What does it mean when a space is called “safe”?

There has been a growing awareness of how exclusive many spaces can be for those who live outside of what is socially understood to be “the norm”. Neurotypical, cisgender, heterosexual, able-bodied, and white are just some of the terms synonymous with what is referred to be “the norm”. Both social and physical spaces have been historically created and kept to accommodate “the average person”. Thankfully, there has been a gradual shift towards considering what it really means for a space to be “accessible”.

What is required for a space to be deemed “safe”?

Does the safety of a space extend beyond the borders of its label?



I immediately felt drawn to Rothenberg as soon as I started looking into her work. I’ve always had an inclination towards works containing text and images, and I am absolutely mesmerised by Rothenberg’s ability to beautifully marry the two with humour and social/political commentary.


Text-based art

  • Born 1950, New York, NY, USA
  • American artist
  • Drawing, installation, public art, text-based works, often satirical
  • Uses her knowledge and experience from her time working for a major advertising agency to create subversive pieces
  • Satirical Greeting cards that focus on politics, war, racism, S.A., religion, etc.
  • Work can be found at the Charlie James Gallery in L.A. and website





  • I feel like the pill bottles are resonating with me the loudest, so I am continuing with that project.
  • Classmates suggested I expand on the lore of “Veronica’s Pharmacy”, so I’ve been working into that universe.


Coca Wine: For Fatigue of Mind and Body
Prof. Dill's Balm of Life: a money, pain and life saver, the world's great pain cure


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  1. Hi Veronica,
    I appreciate the tremendous work and notes for the Text multiple piece, and how far you have been expanding your thinking to using conceptual strategies in your work. Also your participation, thoughtful comments on classmates works, and open mind in class are really great! But where is your Parents video? Yikes! Let me know when you have completed the assignment – it’s really important

  2. Hi Veronica, I don’t see your finished Internet Video here, or anything from the Tattoo project or anything past week 7 – let me know ASAP if you intend to send any of these finished works before I submit my grades – Diane

  3. Hi Veronica, I see your posted parents video (and so sorry about your dog by the way) but have a hard time understanding all the long clips, in this video and in the Time video (and what assignment is that for by the way?) – and it’s hard to see the wider relevance of the work as art – to a broader audience than for people for whom it’s personal and emotional. I am not sure I get a portrait of your parents, or any wider idea from these haphazard clips. I wish you were able to attend more classes, lectures and ciritiques to benefit from more contemporary art references and ideas and feedback on the matter. Also I don’t see any Tattoo piece here – too bad you missed out on our last fun project together. Nathan can still give you two packs of tattoo paper if you ask him in the next week – if you want them to experiment with on your own. I wish you a more peaceful and healthy spring! Diane

  4. Also the ASMR dentist seems kind of like a schtick/improv comedy, and I don’t hear the important trope of ASMR which is a certain kind of performance with voice, and material sounds, all recorded in really high quality… and your notes don’t give much context or reflection on the work – or how it deepens/critiques/expands on what is already on the internet…

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