Week 10


Present books in progress draft 1

Discuss ideas in progress and make corrections for Thursday ORDERING DEADLINE


Present books in progress – remaining students

Complete cover designs, make corrections in consultation with Nathan and Diane


Remember to post a PDF of your book on the blog – with a title and note about it – so it can be graded as “Book in Progress”. This is due by the end of the day Tuesday next week!

Homework for Tuesday next week:

Barbara Kruger, Now and Here, 2011

Watch the entire: Take A Stand playlist from Art 21 –


Make notes on two of the artists, and at least two artworks in total that you are interested in.

Discuss how the artists think about justice issues, and how they use strategies of agitation and transmission to “take a stand”. What kinds of unique tools and strategies can artists bring to activist projects? How does their work inspire your own thinking about art, and about justice? How could these artists influence your practice? Start thinking/making notes about an idea for a unique artist multiple you can start working on next week.

Note: Next week we will look at samples of artist multiples, and discuss our final assignment. Students can make a multiple in any medium – or – complete an independent work on any theme, in any medium due for show-and-tell discussion/critiques in the last week of classes. Be prepared to discuss some ideas in class.