Artist Multiples (Blunt Gift Tags) Zozo Dougherty

For an artist multiple, I wanted to create a variation of a capitalist trademark that represents the worth of an object price wise. I used a playing card template and hole punched the ends to create an element of interaction with the piece, so that a person could tie it to themselves or other objects with ribbon and string. Though each tag had a slightly different design, they all seemed to blend together as one unit with the plain white colour and minimalist stamp text. The text itself is taken from an editable stamp, which is a reference to stamping prices onto price stickers in retail stores. With these tags, people will be able to have free will to decide whether someone or something is either worthless or priceless. We get to decide what we deem worthy.

Artist Book Zozo Dougherty

For this assignment, I wanted to look at the concept of a book as something that felt too uncomfortable to read. The vulnerable aspect of sharing private information is emphasized by turning my personal diary into an enlarge book for someone to read.

The name I chose for this book is Redacted, reflecting the main focus of the book. I wanted to redact any names or feelings that were written in the book to create a sense of mystery to what was being said. Names and emotions are the key factors of diary entries, yet do not take away from the impact that filler words have in the entries. During the critique, it was noted that the print of the book came out with the ink from the redacted words more noticeable, making the entire entry completely legible if people read hard enough. It is a look at a completely vulnerable look into a person’s life without fully being there.