Week 6

Lecture: Parents Video


Make VIDEO ART involving your PARENTS*

Videos may be up to 10 minutes MAX. They may include original and/or found footage.

Ideas and work in progress must be discussed in class before critiques.  See schedule for details.

Consider your parents. You may choose to work with one or many of the individuals that are your parents.

*This does not have to literally be your mother or father – you may work with the idea of parents, with remembered parents, with other people’s parents, with dream parents. Interpret this theme as widely as needed. You may also be a parent – and want to explore what the role means to you – and work with your children. It’s up to you.

Who are your parents? What are the quirks that distinguish them? What is your relationship with them like? What are their relationships like with others? What are they into? Who were they in the past vs. the present? What are their strengths and their weaknesses? Do they understand what you do? Do you understand what they do? Think about what you want to discover, or bring out about your parents, and/or your relationships. Think about something really unlikely for your parents to do. How do the attributes and concerns about your parents reflect truths about you or your family, or about a wider world?

You may consider*:



Using still photographs

Truth vs Fiction

Documentary style observation

Use of sound/music/dancing

Taking your parents by surprise

Instructions for parents to perform

Task for you to perform with your parents

Performances by non-actors

Working remotely with parents

Absence of parents

Past vs. Present

Using found video/film/audio


Michelle Pearson Clarke

Basil Alizeri

Janine Antoni

Gillian Wearing

Jim Verburg

Lyla Rye


Sarah Polley

Patty Chang

Aleesa Cohene

Steve Reinke

Aislinn Thomas

Mona Hatoum

Lee Walton

Rajnar Kartansson

Adad Hannah

Sheilagh Restack

Lenka Clayton

*Reminder: Always create works that are safe and respectful for you and others at all times. Discuss your ideas with the instructor.

Demo: Camera recording and lighting in the field

Reminder: Field Trip on Wednesday! See you in Toronto!