Week 9


Summary of work for week 9:

  1. Review all lecture materials and videos below
  2. Write about at least one artwork, or food-culture reference that inspires your next assignment
  3. Post all research notes /images for a FOOD ART proposal – we will discuss your proposals and offer support in the next class.


Look at these approaches to exploring food by artists:

Aislinn Thomas, A Stack of Pancakes to hold up the Ceiling, 2015.

“The pancakes were vegan (flax seeds being a cheaper—and more ethical?—binding agent than eggs) and local (because, although it was more expensive, the local flour was in the bin beside the less-expensive, non-local flour and I couldn’t pretend that I hadn’t seen it). The recipe was for extra fluffy pancakes (for obvious reasons). The apartment smelled very good until the pancakes dried up and shrank away from the ceiling. When I composted them I discovered that the pancakes had become colourful with mold in the places where they were pressed together and still moist.

My partner asked me if I made A stack of pancakes to hold up the ceiling because the ceiling fell two years prior.  I said no, although the question reminded me of the fact that the ceiling did, indeed fall. So perhaps that is the reason. ” AT from https://aislinnthomas.ca/index.php/portfolio/a-stack-of-pancakes-to-hold-up-the-ceiling/

Rod, Bernie, Peggy, Aislinn

Video, 2009

Rapport Report, a video screening curated by Tejpal Ajji, described this video of narrative vignettes:  “Using her kitchen as a set for storytelling, Thomas recounts a family history using recipes representing her father, mother, grandfather, and herself.”  Below is an excerpt of the video.  Rod, Peggy, Bernie, Aislinn was included in CAFK+A.11 and several screenings.

In Love with Patty Chang:

The Hunt, Christian Jankowski, 1997

Christian Jankowski – Bow hunting in the supermarket

Martha Roslet, Semiotics of the Kitchen

Women With Kitchen Appliances

Women with Kitchen Appliances – band

FOOD ART Assignment:

For next class, propose a way to use food in a short video or photographic series that explores aspects of food other than how it tastes –

This might include actions that explore:

  • The tactile/material qualities of food and food-related devices
  • The sounds of food, the smells of food
  • Memories of food
  • Food and emotions
  • Popular representations of food in culture
  • Relationships of food to the body
  • Food and gender
  • Visual aspects of food
  • How food changes in time
  • How food connects us to each other

Think of a series of gestures – working with food on hand and create a work that pushes the limits of how we expect to relate to food.

This can be done in your home, with food and related implements, and/or you may also work with found video/images from other sources in your work.

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