Lettuce Tomato

A class collaborative publication about food. Each student collected dozens of images of food or food related objects, moments, instances and interactions. The process invited students to play and interact with food in ways they might not have before, including a food filled venture to Kensington Market in Toronto ON. As a class we designed and proofed the best spreads to create engaging, vibrant and mischievous compositions that allow the viewer to reflect on their own relationships to food.

Contributors: Sydney Coles, Leo Fan, Claire Gammal, Sarah Hernandez, Maddie Lychek, Hannah Moffitt, Abby Nowakowski, Emily Reimer, Jennifer Zhao, Chevanne Wisdom

Two Into One by Emily Reimer

Two Into One is a video that borrows the lip synching strategy from Gillian Wearing’s original video of the same name. I filmed my parents one Saturday morning for as long as they would let me. As I continued to antagonize them they became more and more self conscious. I later dressed in quick drag and lip synched to their complaints and concerns regarding the camera to create an abject and heightened reality of their own fears of being shown “not at their best”.