Pop and Chips Tasting Party – Andrew Mandaliti, Katie Cheung and Kellan Jay

On March 7, 2016, Andrew, Katie and Kellan hosted a tasting event where guests sampled eight different food and beverage pairings. The venue had four big, round tables with table cloths, elegantly printed dinner menus and napkins for each guest on the table. The hosts were dressed in semi-formal attire.

The guests were under the impression that they were attending a fine dining experience except they ended up sampling various chip and pop pairings. The eight courses served that evening were: Appetizer 1: Spicy Sriracha & Peach Ginger Bubbly, Appetizer 2: Classic Poutine & Lemon Iced Tea, Appetizer 3: Blue Cheese Buffalo Wings & Root Beer, Soup/ Salad: Aged Cheddar and Onion & Sparkling Bubbly, Pre-Light Main: Sour Cream and Dill & Grapefruit Citrus Bubbly, Main Course 1: Barbecue Baby Back Ribs & Ginger Flavoured Bubbly, Main Course 2: Canadian Burger & Classic Cola, and Dessert: Maple Bacon & Cream Soda Flavoured Bubbly.

When the first course was brought out, the guests laughed with surprise. As the night carried on, the diners continued to sample and evaluate the offerings. After the eight courses, the guests voted on their favourite pairings.


The Wedding of Rav & Liz (July 27, 1991) / The Wedding of Rav & Liz (August 3, 1991) – Ryan Grover

My parents had two weddings in 1991; a traditional Indian wedding in my grandparents backyard, and a traditional Christian wedding at a chapel. They hired the same company to document both events. This video places each documentation side-by-side, highlighting the differences between each cultures display of marriage, as well as the way in which the videographers chose to document the weddings.

*I am currently working on clearing up some copyright issues with YouTube in order to figure out how to legally play the audio track of the video. My apologies if the sound cuts out or if there is no sound at all.*

Talking to My Mom

Talking to my Mom from Mikayla Gauthier on Vimeo.


My mother does not speak about herself very often and I do not want to miss out on the stories about what made her the woman she is today.

I made this video as a way to learn more about who my mother was during her childhood. I called her on the phone and recorded our conversation. I followed her words and speaking pace carefully to compose a text based video of her words to accompany the audio of her stories.