Flip Book

This book is a flip book of a scene from the movie Sabotage directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This scene displays a woman watching an animated movie in which a bird is shot by an arrow. This scene is meant to foreshadow the woman later killing her husband. I choose this scene not only for its context but also for the fact that i could create a movie within a movie within a book that the viewers can animate themselves.

The Mennonite Treasury of Recipes as Drawn by a Ten Year Old – Emily Reimer

A collaborative cookbook illustrated by my 10 year old cousin. The Mennonite Treasury of Recipes cookbook describes old and absurd recipes with no images to help describe the desired outcome. I was interested in exploring my unfamiliar, or lack of relationship to my family’s mennonite background. I did this by inviting my ten year old cousin to interpret what these recipes might look like.