Skating Dreams

Skating Dreams displays a split screen of myself on the left and my mother on the right. This video is meant to show the comparison of my mothers skills to my lack of interest in the sport and how she tried to incorporate this aspect of her childhood into my own.

Drawing Exercises


Shelby Edwards, Drawing Exercises, 2018

Drawing Exercises is a book containing line drawings of yoga poses from a beginners guide to yoga book. It is an alternative approach to a yoga practice in which I drew every pose instead of actually doing the poses myself.

Always the Damsel

Always the Damsel is a video in which explores the “damsel in distress” trope within movies. This video contains clips which specifically are of men saving women from danger.

Karaoke Choir!!!- Kaya Ratnasabapathy, Rebecca Payne, Shelby Edwards



We created a mobile choir that sings popular karaoke songs. We used public spaces and invited strangers to join in, who would then receive a “CHOIR” button and song book to sing along with the choir. We wanted to create an intervention that allowed strangers to interact with each other in a situation where they normally wouldn’t.

Make Music With Us

Make Music With Us is a music app-based intervention to engage and collaborate with the public in the hopes the audience finds it therapeutic and a creative outlet. When viewers scan the QR code found on the poster, it brings them to a music app where they can create and record music using the available sounds. You can also engage with the piece through this link: