Flip Book

This book is a flip book of a scene from the movie Sabotage directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This scene displays a woman watching an animated movie in which a bird is shot by an arrow. This scene is meant to foreshadow the woman later killing her husband. I choose this scene not only for its context but also for the fact that i could create a movie within a movie within a book that the viewers can animate themselves.


Crush(ed) is a compilation of ten poems from Richard Silken’s poetry book Crush wherein the words in the poems have been compared to the lyrics from songs with the same or very similar titles. For the songs with titles that are not the exact same as the poem title, the song title appears in brackets after the poem title. Only words and punctuation that are found in both the poem and song are included to create new poems.

Like Kandinsky

This book has elements taken from a note my father wrote me in a German art book Der Blaeu Reiter (The Blue Rider) and close ups of the Kandinsky painting on the cover of said book. It is a contemplative look at the relationship between the specific handwritten text, and non-contextualized pieces of painting. Through this, it evokes memory, nostalgia, and a confusing relationship between text and image (to depict my complicated feelings about them). 

The Mennonite Treasury of Recipes as Drawn by a Ten Year Old – Emily Reimer

A collaborative cookbook illustrated by my 10 year old cousin. The Mennonite Treasury of Recipes cookbook describes old and absurd recipes with no images to help describe the desired outcome. I was interested in exploring my unfamiliar, or lack of relationship to my family’s mennonite background. I did this by inviting my ten year old cousin to interpret what these recipes might look like.