Sha Qi Ma, or soft flour cakes is a Chinese snack equivalent to rice cake in Canada. It is originally from the Manchu population which lives in northeastern China, but is now popular across China. The version I brought to class is a Fujian variance which is a little different from the Manchu version with the addition of sesame and eggs. You can get this in almost every Chinese market in the GTA area.

Like Water for Chocolate – Film

In Mexico, hot chocolate is made of water, not milk. To prepare the drink, one brings the water to a boil and then adds the cocoa. When someone becomes extremely agitated, it is said that they are “Like Water for Chocolate”. This expression is also used to describe a state of sexual arousal. In the tradition of Latin American literature’s magic realism, “Like Water For chocolate” tells the story of a woman and her lover who, having been denied marriage, find inventive ways of sharing their love. She can impart her feelings and desire through her cooking and everyone around ends up inadvertently participating in their passion.
Director Alfonso Arau
Cast Marco Leonardi, Lumi Cavazo, Regina Torne, Ada Carrasco, Mario Ivan Martinez, Claudette Maille and Yareli Arizmendi.
Writer Laura Esquivel
Subjects DramaRomanceCult