First Taste – Ting

This is documentation of the first taste of the Jamaican drink, Ting. Tasting a “pink” flavoured version of a drink that I cherished as child, forces a connection between childhood memories of the past and new experiences in the present. The original flavour’s taste recalls a time when I longed to be older, while the pink flavour’s taste becomes associated with a time in which I dread entering into adulthood.


Gusto Rico, Dean Baldwin 2016 – C Print

Explaining Richard Serra Sculpture from Pearson Airport, Dean Baldwin
Dean Baldwin, Attempt at an Inventory
Dean Baldwin, Chicken

Janine Antoni – Taste of Vision and image from Lick and Lather, 1993.

Jana Sterbak, Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic (Meat Dress) 1997

Text from Marina Abramovic, Making a Gold Bowl

Marina Abramovic, From Floating Breakfast, 1979

Vito Acconci, Trademarks

Aislinn Thomas, Pancakes to Hold Up the Ceiling

April Hickox, photographing compost

Sophie Calle, from her monochromatic meals series

Jeannie Dunning, Tongue

Genvieve Cadeaux, (Her mother’s mouth above the Musee d’art Contemporain in Montreal

Fasting Sculpture

Tom Friedman (Gum)
Feces on Pedestal, Tom Friedman
Tom Friedman, Lifesavers sucked and adhered by their own stickiness

From Granta, Do Women Like to Cook

Massimo Guerrera, from Darboral

From Shie Kasai’s Survival Japanese cooking (in Holland)

Natasha Leseur – Sans Titre

Natasha Lesueur

Daniel Spoerri, Assemblage, 1992.

Swintak, Broth

Toilet Paper Magazine – Maurizio Cattelan

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Sha Qi Ma, or soft flour cakes is a Chinese snack equivalent to rice cake in Canada. It is originally from the Manchu population which lives in northeastern China, but is now popular across China. The version I brought to class is a Fujian variance which is a little different from the Manchu version with the addition of sesame and eggs. You can get this in almost every Chinese market in the GTA area.