Watch Tattoos


As a child, my friends and I used to draw watches on each other’s wrist for fun. Back in the days, a ball point pen is not easy to find for us since everyone uses pencil and only adult and older children can use a pen. To share a ball point pen that was hard to find and draw different watches on each others wrist was a simple mark of friendship. To recreate this childhood memory, I asked my classmates to draw each other a wrist watch with their own design and photographed it then translated it into a printable design. I then printed these “watches” on temporary tattoo paper and shared it with the class.

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Sha Qi Ma, or soft flour cakes is a Chinese snack equivalent to rice cake in Canada. It is originally from the Manchu population which lives in northeastern China, but is now popular across China. The version I brought to class is a Fujian variance which is a little different from the Manchu version with the addition of sesame and eggs. You can get this in almost every Chinese market in the GTA area.