60 Minute Silence

This video installation uses Gillian Wearings “60 Minute Silence” as a point of departure. I stood with my partner for one hour in silence, holding hands, while the camera ran. Through the looped video, the viewer sees the struggle of standing still for so long, hand movements and fidgeting, all the while continuing to grasp hands. It’s a peek into a relationship, a portrait of two people that have an obvious connection. We are life sized, and make direct eye contact with the camera, creating some discomfort with the relationship to the viewer, but also a sense of allowing them to sit with the installation for a while.

Like Kandinsky

This book has elements taken from a note my father wrote me in a German art book Der Blaeu Reiter (The Blue Rider) and close ups of the Kandinsky painting on the cover of said book. It is a contemplative look at the relationship between the specific handwritten text, and non-contextualized pieces of painting. Through this, it evokes memory, nostalgia, and a confusing relationship between text and image (to depict my complicated feelings about them).