Jim Verburg: For a Relationship

For a Relationship
2 years of still images,
4 minutes, 15 seconds 2007
A motion piece created by Jim Verburg
Two years of still image


In this visually daring and beautiful work, Verburg sorts through two years of photographs to make sense of the relationships in his life. Sexual, romantic and familial ties blend together in this intimate reflection on the artist’s relationship with his practice, his lovers and his family.”
Jason St Laurent, Director of Programming, Inside Out Film Festival


“A diaristic portrayal of ties with family, friends, and lovers. The piece focuses on Verburg’s own passing life, which is summarized in quickly flashing photographic stills of vacations taken, sexual exploits, tender exchanges and conversations, and encounters with landscape. What emerges is a system of values, a life lived according to objectives, that the artist is eager to share. In the piece, his hopeful attempts at communication with a family member are riddled with expectations, and are continually foiled.”
Mark Clintberg, Curator, Recovering Agnostic


See Jim Verburg’s site. Check class library for full video.


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