Recipe for Gleaner’s Salsa

  1. glean. gather the leftover tomatoes that were missed during the harvest. the ones on the ground are the dirtiest and the sweetest.
  2. wash. especially if sharing with others. many people despise dirt on their food. though it really causes no harm, so no need to be diligent.
  3. chop and mush ’em. cut the tomatoes, if desired. put them in a bowl and mush with a fork. or don’t. whichever you prefer.
  4. add in chopped onion and garlic, salt, lime juice, and honey. and maybe black pepper and cilantro, if you like that sort of thing. i don’t.
  5. mix. you can do this by hand, or if you like a less-chunkier salsa, pulse in a blender.
  6. more salt.
  7. share.

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