Knot Tying Workshop

On Monday November 16th, 2015, I led a workshop for Outdoor School on knot tying. In preparation I had learned countless knots, chosen the ones I thought would be most accessible to the group, cut 7′ foot lengths for each participant and burned the frayed edges with a lighter.

It was important to me that every single person got to partake in the workshop with both hands, which meant I chose not to have anyone document it via cell phones or cameras. Instead, I have made the following video, both for those who may have forgotten the three knots, or those who missed the workshop.

For those interested, the ‘Bible’ of knots was written and illustrated by an artist, Clifford W. Ashley, and though published back in 1944, is still one of the most important knot tying reference books today. Luckily for anybody interested in knots, the sole North American branch of the International Guild of Knot Tyers, is located in our backyard, just an hour away in Hamilton.

An excellent online learning tool is It’s step by step images have a mirror option (for lefties), and was how I learned the Alpine Butterfly.

Knots can provide both utility and fun, and the knots I have learned have given me confidence. Before preparing for this workshop I had no knowledge of knots what so ever, but after hundreds of repetitions, it is now like riding a bike. Thank you to everyone who attended the workshop, and I hope you take at least one of these knots with you through life.

– Theo