Space Terrarium Prototype mk1


Space Terrarium Prototype mk1
Plant life, acrylic, steel, ready-made light fixtures

The Space Terrarium — so named as a nod to the N.A.S.A. research that inspired it — is a vertical, modular, triangular garden sculpture, designed and fabricated to support young plants and to clean the air.

Ready-made fluorescent light fixtures operate at the 6500k colour light spectrum and mounted on a custom welded armature, surround the plants from all sides. Laser cut acrylic containers feature drainage holes in each of their floors, allowing gravity to irrigate the small terrariums from the top down.

This piece is meant be practical as well as to celebrate life — and at the same time to highlight the symbiotic relationship between humans and plants.

Work in process images (below)

 Initial design images (below – plant models and light fixtures are stock)

Cell phone video showing irrigation drip (below)

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