“Memories in a Bottle”

By: Lauren McDowall

For the Anti Archival Assignment, I chose to focus my attention around the topic of memory, time, and change. For the materials used inside both bottles, I wanted to include significant items that relate to, and were once strongly associated with my childhood. I wanted to experiment with these items and over the span of a week or so, and see what happens to them. Will they dissolve completely, hold their shapes, dissipate, change its presentation overtime? Luckily they did, as I hoped to reflect how time can change so much in relation to memory as we get older. We start to forget things as we grow; such as people, names, stories, and of course, memories – though (sometimes) we return to them years later. These items hold a strong association to my past and most of them ended up dissolving, breaking apart into small pieces / layers began to form on the outer shell of the candies, and some of them remained in their original state. As far as the overall concoction, its presentation changed overtime since the start of last week, looking quite different (visually + the scents of both bottles). However, not drastically. As time went by over this period, the materials used in both bottles changed overtime. They dissolved, some held their original shapes, and others altered minimally, just like our memory as we age. I wanted to focus on this topic as memory loss affects so many people, wether it’s mild to severe, so it was interesting to see, explore, and experiment with this from a different and creative perspective.

Items Used:

  • Woodchips
  • Grass, Moss, and Soil
  • Glitter
  • Candies (nostalgic)
  • Dry Spaghetti Noodles (Spaghetti was my favorite food as a child)
  • Baby Tooth
  • Construction Paper
  • Reciepts (Used to go shopping with my mom a lot)
  • Chalk
  • Tea Bag (grew up drinking tea)
  • Hair clips and Beads

Day 1: Top Image ________________________________________ Day 9: Bottom Image


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