‘Recurring Dreams’

For our last assignment, my intentions revolved around the concept of recurring dreams. I thought this was an interesting topic to explore as it gave me a number of things to consider, work with, and think about as I’ve always found dreams to be so fascinating on their own. When constricting and building on my work, I was most fixated on we can and can’t remember from a dream, the repetition and randomness we experience from dreaming, and what we see when we close our eyes. I thought most about this when constructing my audio component as I wondered what sounds we hear or remember, and if so, what are they?

My audio component is only included in this posting due to lost progress – Here, I explored what I ‘heard’ from looking and examining my animation before I lost it (even though I could not physically hear anything from the abstracted visuals), but I wanted to reflect this in order for it to align with my audio piece. I found this part very interesting as I don’t remember what my dreams sound like, but due to the freedom we were given, this gave me more possibilities to consider and think about.

Lauren McDowall


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