Music Numerically Broken Down

For this assignment I have taken the last studio album of the late Rapper ‘Pop Smoke’ and broken it down into a series of numbers describing some common features in songs including the number of words, verses, time and features. I chose this because I have a personal interest in the composition of songs and believe breaking them down into numerical form was an interesting way of showing that.

By: Thomas Triebe-Pay

One thought on “Music Numerically Broken Down

  1. – Hey Thomas, I think you might need to review the artists in the lectures and the assignment a little more closely to push this idea into a more convincing form
    -consider which numbers, and what is the point of using them – what extra meaning or information can we gather from this analysis? As is, it’s very unclear, and hard to care – since you must also consider design decisions, fonts and spacing in a poster – or maybe this work would be better as a piece of sound/music? Push the data back into the form it’s analyzing? This is the beginning of an idea – but the concept needs a stronger rationale, and then much more work to bring it to life, and interest your viewers, and to point to greater meanings and experiences around things we already think we understand…
    So glad to have you in my class this year – I hope you enjoyed it and will take Experimental again in the future!

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