Artist Buttons

Student buttons – I am not a Fetish (2018)

Emily Reimer, Fried Egg Buttons (After Sarah Lucas) 2018

Self Portrait with Fried Eggs 1996 Sarah Lucas born 1962 Purchased 2001

Buttons by NEThing Co. (1960’s Vancouver)

Party Without Party, Bruce Barber

RM Vaughn – Buttons

Imagine Peace Buttons by Yoko Ono

Crotch Button, and Breast Button by Yoko Ono (from Printed Matter NYC)

Tit Pins, by Paige Gratland, 2004

Yayoi Kusama, Love Forever

Jessie Eisner, Ask Me Buttons, 2014

Kelly Mark, Everything is Interesting, 2003

Lyla Rye –  Cameo buttons

Adam David Brown, phases of the moon

Sandy Plotnikoff – Flash Pins and Velcro Pins

Students making buttons – 2018

Anti-Theft Pins, 2.25 inches wide

With these pins, I wanted to run a sort of experiment on human behaviour and how people would react to seeing them. Originally, I thought that by issuing a challenge, people would be more likely to take the pin, but what really happened was the opposite.

I spent a day on campus, walking around and waiting in lines/crowded areas with the pins attached to my backpack. I thought that, since it was on my back, there were multiple to choose from, and the pins weren’t fully done up, people might be more tempted to take one. I even left some lying around in frequented areas like the library and the UC, but checking on them after a couple hours showed that out of the 12 pins I had placed on campus and on myself, only one had been picked up. The closest anyone came to taking the pins off my back were two people behind me in the Starbucks lineup that were whispering and debating about it, but eventually settled on taking a sneaky picture of my back instead. Unfortunately, people really couldn’t bring themselves to steal the pins, so they stay true to their name.

Failed Pins for Sale

While I was making the first pin design, I was having a lot of trouble with the button maker and a lot of buttons were not usable. But! That gave me an idea for a new design to make along side of them. For these pins, I purposefully found ways to mess them up. In a way, they turned out exactly how I had planned.

I thought it would be fun to try and “sell them” and see what people would say to these messy buttons if I attached a steep price to them. I’ve posted them on a couple sites, and I’m still waiting to hear if people think I’m serious, or if they react to the advertisements in any way.

Product Pictures, used as examples in the ads

ASSIGNMENT: Make your own artist buttons

Develop some ideas for unique, artist buttons and post your thoughts and drawings/designs on the blog. Consider how artists use conceptual strategies to make buttons into art including:

  • a button series that explores how things evolve
  • a button series that features an unexpected collection
  • a button that acknowledges its own button-ness/materiality, knows its a button
  • a button that creates social interatction
  • a button that gives instructions/provokes
  • a button that reveals things usually hidden
  • a button or series that completes a sculpture
  • a button that speaks to the body directly
  • a button that uses pop culture materials to point to high art themes

and others..

In class we will learn to use the button maker together with the appropriate materials. Create a single design, or a series of buttons. Consider fonts, design, colours, images to make a professional quality artist multiple. You may make 15-20 buttons for your final project, plus a few tests.

See schedule for work time and critique dates.