Artist Buttons


Emily Reimer, Fried Egg Buttons (After Sarah Lucas) 2018


Self Portrait with Fried Eggs 1996 Sarah Lucas born 1962 Purchased 2001

Buttons by NEThing Co. (1960’s Vancouver)

Party Without Party, Bruce Barber


RM Vaughn – Buttons

Imagine Peace Buttons by Yoko Ono

Crotch Button, and Breast Button by Yoko Ono (from Printed Matter NYC)



Tit Pins, by Paige Gratland, 2004

Yayoi Kusama, Love Forever

Jessie Eisner, Ask Me Buttons, 2014


Kelly Mark, Everything is Interesting, 2003

Lyla Rye –  Cameo buttons

Adam David Brown, phases of the moon

Sandy Plotnikoff – Flash Pins and Velcro Pins