Hello, Goodbye

Taking the time to call all those in my contacts, I wrote down their individual greetings and goodbyes and composed their scripts in order of who I called. Some were welcoming, some surprised, while others didn’t even pick up. Some had unique greetings, while others were pretty similar.

Framing a person by their style of speaking; I see an image of the person in each of these simple ways of a personal beginning and end

One thought on “Hello, Goodbye

  1. – a good idea to start with, though I still wish it was an audio work – since it’s about talking on the phone
    – could still be some potential here, including sounds that signal phone conversations (ringing, clicking, hanging up, breath, etc.)
    – I like how you designed the text – almost like a script – so it could work this way, maybe even re-performed as some experimental theatre!
    – I hope you called lots of people – but could be good with a simple piece like this to really take it to an extreme, and call 100 contacts – or a round big number like that, with a clear rule
    I have loved having you in my class Grace! And I can see how much your conceptual thinking has progressed – keep it up, and take more Experimental classes!

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