Bland Reruns

Andrea McCallum

Every Sunday, I cook enough food for a week. I enjoy this practice very much. However, I then have to microwave every meal after that, which I hate. It has always been strange to me that waiting a few minutes for a meal feels so much longer if I stand by the microwave while the food is reheating. There are many juxtapositions in this practice as the convenience does not necessarily outweigh the boredom.

This video concept became more relevant during this period of quarantine. Although I think about it often, it has become very apparent how much we are used to being stimulated.

One thought on “Bland Reruns

  1. Oh man, I WISH this got to be in JAS – imagine on a monitor, the size of a microwave? Making sounds and tricking us that we are looking at a microwave instead of a video? So great! So perfectly boring, and great framing – everything in the spirit of time going slowly and things spinning boringly… a very tight work, conceptually and in how you finished and edited it. Amazing! Me and my son (who is helping me grade now) both thought it was smart, and sort of hilarious!
    I hope you will be in my class again Andrea, all the best to you and good luck with your wonderfully developing art practice.

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