My Colourful Diet

A colour-coordinated conceptual portrait of my vegetarian diet. For this project, I collected 25 of my most recent grocery receipts and combined each and every item by hue. 

Green(27), Red(12), Brown(23), Yellow-brown(8), Light brown(10), Orange(11), White(8), Pink(1), Blue(2), Black(2), Yellow(5).

Medium: Acrylic Paint and Paper, cut into circles.

By Victoria Abballe

One thought on “My Colourful Diet

  1. Hi Victoria, good you made a system – but still tricky to see what this brings to understanding what you eat, or any new information or insight about the subject – your system should give us some feeling, or new idea about the thing you are representing in this way. There are opportunities here to present the dots in some meaningful way too – everything about presenting the work must be intentional. More to think about for next time! I have enjoyed having you in the class, and can’t wait to see what you’ll make next year!

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