Conceptual Portrait Assignment

I decided to use myself as the subject for this project. I’m using found items that I usually carry around with me in my bag. I feel like this a really good way to get a description of me or at least, what I like to do without seeing me or hearing from me. I first tried taking the image with my bed as the background (to make the picture more personal) but I found that the folds/creases of my sheet were too distracting for the piece. This then led me to trying out the wood flooring of my apartment and that became my background of choice.

An example of one of the images with my bed as the background:

My Final Image:

Score Script Poem

My inspiration for this assignment is Line Piece from Grapefruit (1964) by Yoko Ono. I performed each piece and took pictures of what I came up with. The following is Yoko Ono’s piece itself:

The following are the afore-mentioned images:

Video Art Project

For this assignment, Princess and I worked together to perform “flipping through pages” as our feat.

One Shot Video:

Sequence Video:

Loop Video:

Audio Art Project

The following is the audio I made. My goal was to mimic the sound and the feeling of entering a party and being immersed in the sound and the crowd. It’s a short mash up of different Swedish House Mafia songs with audio effects that I recorded and also, got off the internet, to mimic someone re-entering the club/party after using the bathroom or stepping outside for some air.

Entry to the club

My (brief) Colour Walk through Streetsville. As you can see, it’s a little roughed up but that’s because of me unintentionally rubbing the graphite of my pencil around the page trying to get the sketches down. It was rather brief because I got to my appointment then forgot I wanted to continue sketching throughout the day🥲.

1 Kilometer

This is my piece for the 1 kilometer assignment. I did a little bit of research and found out that 1 kilometer is equivalent to 1250 steps. At first, I thought I would go on a walk with a step counter app then I remembered that the Health app on my phone automatically tracks this for me. I then went into the app to see if there were any recent days that I walked around 1250 steps. After a bit of browsing, I saw that on the 11th of January, I walked 1264 steps, a little over 1 km.

The spike in the number of steps in the evening is because after a long day of being locked in due to the cold, I went to a nearby store with my siblings to buy something quickly. On my way, I stopped by a dispensary and came across an interesting looking pipe. It reminded me of the Mystery Machine Van for the Scooby Gang (how fitting 😂).

“Ceramic Bus Pipe”







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