Infinity Mirror Room

Made by Yayoi Kusama in 1965. This Avant Garde piece  is composed of mirrors placed in all directions so that no matter where you look you will see a reflection of some sort. The ground is made of 3D dotted shapes that are filled with stuffing.

There is an element of illusion that I like in this piece. It shows as the piece goes beyond where you can touch the physical materials. The art piece plays with your perception and has a contrast between the smooth, thin, sleek mirrors and the plushy, patterned, wonky ground.

Duration Piece #6

This piece was made by Douglas Huebler in 1968. He photographed a rectangle of sawdust every 30 minutes 13 times. As time goes on the sawdust becomes more disorganized and fades outside of the original rectangle.

I enjoy this piece as it captures a random “object” overtime. Huebler had no control over how it would look after each interval. I think the concept of control is relevant in this piece because as it’s documented the sawdust is less controlled in the set rectangle. I also enjoy the repetition in his photography.

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