Experimental Studio I – SART*2800

1 kilometre of an emergency

I had worked two full 24-hour shifts since this project was assigned. I planned to record myself in the truck responding to calls, but only capturing a kilometre of the drive. 

I was on shift yesterday, and we responded to an airplane crash. It was all over the news and on CP24 all day so I thought it would be unique to show a backstage clip of a first responder dispatched to this “breaking news” call. 

There is a mounted iPad in our firetrucks that acts as our GPS and allows the captain to take notes and communicate inter-professionally with other first responders such as EMS and YRP and documents radio transmissions. I used this tool along with my situational awareness and google maps to later coordinate exactly 1 kilometre from where we responded from on-route to our dispatched location.

The adrenal feelings of a call diminish over time as you build experience. I am the rookie on my crew and quite young as a firefighter, but I stay calm in these situations as it is critical for the team’s efficacy when completing a task. I responded to an airplane landing on the 407 before on Oct 27th, 2021, and I remember my body being much more proliferated with adrenaline and cortisol. 

We are quite prepared for this phenomenon as we pre-plan emergencies in our area. Our station is the closest to the airport, and therefore, we train to mitigate any of these aircraft emergencies. Nonetheless, later in the video, I do pack up and put on my SCBA to prepare for any fire that may be coming out of the aircraft and gather our medical equipment for the patients if they have sustained any injury. All while listening to our dispatchers, other crews, and my captain speaking through our headphones.

The Case of Conceptual Art

Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973). Guernica. 1937

“Guernica” is a large oil painting created by Pablo Picasso in 1937. It is considered one of the most powerful anti-war paintings in history. The painting depicts the suffering and horror of war, specifically the bombing of the Spanish town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. The painting is considered one of Picasso’s most important works, and it is widely recognized as a masterpiece of modern art. It is a powerful reminder of the devastating effects of war on innocent civilians.

What I found interesting about this was its form and collage and amalgamation of emotions and values.

Sol Lewitt. Wall Drawing 335. May 1980

“Wall Drawing 335” is a conceptual art piece created by Sol LeWitt in May 1980. It is a wall drawing, which is a type of artwork that LeWitt is known for, where the artist creates a set of instructions for others to follow in order to create the artwork on a wall.

Wall Drawing 335 consists of a grid of geometric shapes and lines, arranged in a specific pattern. The artwork is created by using a ruler and a pencil to draw the shapes and lines according to the artist’s instructions. The result is a complex and intricate composition that appears to be in motion.

LeWitt’s wall drawings are considered an important development in the history of Conceptual art, and they were a major influence on Minimalism and the development of Site-Specific art.

What I think is interesting about this art is how it was made. Using and engaging the audience to interpret your instructions to create art.

What Is Green on a Winter Walk in Guelph?

Tree’s and plantation poking through the snow.

My pants.

No frills.

Traffic lights.

The avocado I didn’t put lime on that will go brown.

The green money that I am thinking about in my head.

The cover of the green book of WSIB and health and safety protocols at work.

the green parking sign.

the GO bus.

Kelly Mark

Born: Welland, Ontario, 1967. Lives and works in Toronto

I listened to Kelly Mark’s audio CD I Really Should… – 2002. It was 48+ minutes of an audio recording of 1000 things “I really should do…”

This was my favourite audio piece of hers. It amazed me how she was able to come up with 1000 things she/we could do that are so incredibly relatable to our general population.

She really got me thinking about the myriad of forgotten tasks I have failed to complete, and the infinite amount of things I have procrastinated into inexistance.



This project sparked an audible investigation in my life. I immediately thought of the phenomenon of 40 Hz binaural beats and the neurological benefits that have been advertised to the general public and disseminated by the scientific community. As a psychology research student, I am highly critical of research practices and methodologies and challenge the authority of science

I wanted to raise awareness about corruption in research. In 2010, the term replication crisis in psychology arose, finding that over half of the research articles around behavioural sciences could not be replicated. This means that over half the research we had previously understood has been falsified.

The reason is that as we investigate these studies, we realize that data has been manipulated for corrupt reasons to support the notions of certain labs and supervisors. The leading scientific journal that supports the evidence behind 40hz binaural beats has been retracted. The Editors-In-Chief have found evidence of manipulation of the data, that only 40 out of the 88 participants were included in the analysis. Two out of the three authors agreed to the retraction of the article. Lorenza S. Colzato did not agree.

Inspired by the Kelly Mark themes of repeating a phrase, I decided to binaurally produce and repeat the words investigation, manipulation, corruption, and retraction, in sequence that depicts deceits that permeate into research fields.

Over my voice, I layer a main spokesperson supporting Andrew Huberman, who promotes the consumption of these findings, perpetuating the support of false science. Also layered is a sample of binaural beats playing at 40 Hz frequency.

2/30 revolutionary works for video art article

“Painter” (1995) is a sculpture by the American artist Paul McCarthy. It depicts a dishevelled and grotesque figure of a man with a painter’s palette and brush in his hand, with exaggerated features such as a large nose and ears. The work is part of McCarthy’s ongoing exploration of the darker aspects of human nature and the cultural myths and icons that shape our perceptions of reality. The piece is a single-channel colour video with sound that is shown in a darkened room either as a projection or on a monitor. The video depicts the American artist Paul McCarthy performing as the eponymous painter inside a wooden set that is dressed as an artist’s studio, containing several large canvases as well as oversized brushes and tubes of paint, along with an adjacent bedroom. Dressed in a blue smock, McCarthy wears a blonde wig and a number of prosthetics, including a bulbous nose, flapping ears and large rubber hands. During the fifty-minute video, he talks and acts in an exaggerated and comic fashion, sometimes behaving violently and at other times more childlike, as he struggles to paint. Midway through the work, McCarthy sits at a table and repeatedly hits his rubber hand with a meat cleaver, eventually cutting off the index finger. This was a creepy and bone-chilling experience because it combined historically pleasant and classy forms such as painting and merging it with a sinister mockery.

“Blow Job” is a 1964 silent experimental film directed by American artist Andy Warhol. The film depicts a man receiving fellatio, with the camera focused solely on his face throughout the duration of the scene. The film is known for its exploration of taboo subjects and its subversion of traditional narrative structures. It was very uncomfortable to watch and represents conceptual art well with the theme of awkward repetition.

Button Ideas

  • Hold on, let me overthink this
  • Snuggling with my demons
  • I got 100 problems
  • Lights on nobody’s home
  • Community
  • I’m depressed
  • I’m in my manic state rn
  • Invalidate me.
  • Pussy
  • Hey asshole.
  • I’m an accident.
  • There she goes.
  • That’s it?
  • thanks.
  • get off my couch.
  • Look at the moon if you’re lonely, not me.
  • Its called a supplement for a reason.
  • Call me scooby cuz I can’t doo this anymore
  • She’s on the track team

Touque button

Bands – self publish / self distribute

sponsored/made by Smileage

  • Inspiration160 cm Line Tattooed on 4 People. 
  • A mockery.


The 20 Button Collection.

The College Experience.

  1. I hate seeing you like this.
  2. Sober up.
  3. Rock bottom part 6.
  4. Give up.
  5. You are not enough.
  6. 12 consecutive months is common law in Ontario.
  7. I just want to be treated like a Morgan Wallen song.
  8. Get a job in sales.
  9. I’m going to hell.
  10. When are you leaving?
  11. Trophy Wife.
  12. There she goes.
  13. Over promise, under deliver.
  14. You’re my least favourite.
  15. Giving you a second chance is like reheating McDonalds.
  16. When I’m with you, there’s no place I’d rather not be.
  17. I cum fast so we can talk about her day sooner.
  18. No.
  19. I have no life skills.
  20. I told you 4165554966 times I have a bf
  1. I hate seeing you like this. (hand-off)
  2. Sober up. (bathroom door crack)
  3. Rock bottom part 6. (connor toque)
  4. Give up. (hand-off)
  5. You are not enough. (hand-off)
  6. 12 consecutive months is common law in Ontario. (sydney in my room)
  7. I just want to be treated like a Morgan Wallen song. (alyssa pinned on cowboy hat)
  8. Get a job in sales. (connor toque)
  9. I’m going to hell. (ricardo toque)
  10. When are you leaving? (conversing)
  11. Trophy Wife. (kitchen table eating dinner)
  12. There she goes. (toque, looking back with girl walking away in background)
  13. Over promise, under deliver. (connor toque)
  14. You’re my least favourite. (connor toque)
  15. Giving you a second chance is like reheating McDonalds. (button in microwave)
  16. When I’m with you, there’s no place I’d rather not be. (button envelope)
  17. I cum fast so we can talk about her day sooner. (connor toque facing girl)
  18. No. (pulling out of pocket)
  19. I have no life skills. (backpack)
  20. I told you 4165554966 times I have a gf (backpack in elevator)

The College Experience

A 20 Button Collection

The intentions of these buttons are to give to a peer, roommate, or friend or were this yourself. Distribute and detonate the button however you deem fit. The button is a dynamic tool the customer can utilize to express themselves in a humorous yet honest manner. You can utilize the button to provide an experience for someone. The autonomy of the button grants the user freedom and affirmation in others. This collection puts the “aggressive” in “passive aggressive”.

Luke Comb Piece

Film “Husband/Wing” listening and jamming out to Luke Comb.

verb • a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence, and forming the main part of the predicate of a sentence, such as hearbecomehappen.

“Combing” – the immersive act of listening to Luke Combs.

I came home and caught my husband combing so hard in the bedroom he didn’t even notice me walk in.

Play this when Wing dies as a memory of us.


By: Wing Tse. April 6th, 2023. Conceptual Portrait


  1. Do not disclose what the original word that has been chosen by the artist is (as the project ends when this original word is repeated). 
  2. Approach a new person and ask them, “What is the first word that comes to mind when I say *word*?”
  3. Approach a new person and ask them the same question using the previous word the prior person said ie) “What is the first word that comes to mind when I say *previous word*?”
  4. Once you’re finished or have reconvened with the original word, record your sequence of words.

This was a portrait of “Food” which in many ways is also a portrait of me. I am often referred to as a trash can because I love food so much that my friends often throw their leftovers to me. Without food, I would be nothing.

I had to be innovative and through material exploration, I created this tool to write/document the responses on the go without being to cumbersome. I couldn’t use tape because iit is sticky and cannot be easily dealt with when extending the material for further documentation and storage. I had found a roll of drywall tape that would would be perfect to solve this issue. I rigged it to attach to a roll of tape with the same diameter so that when the responses are documented it can seamlessly roll onto the “storage roll”. This apparatus is perfect because it provides the page/surface I need that is long and skinny and compact to accomplish this conceptual visual arts poll. Drywall tape felt suitable in the world of conceptual art material as I pay tribute to the use of industrious material. But, knowing not everyone has the resources to create this tool. Any method of documentation will do, as long as you can read them out and voice record it.

This process-based work is carried through through the artist to stay rigid in strict in the three rules, but leaves the participants and the public up to chance with the trajectory of the story. This piece connects strangers to one another without their knowledge and in each transition from word to word there holds a story, that artists can create and replicate for themselves.

Being the carrier and heartbeat of this work has forced me to the agent of this work. The survival of this piece is dependent on the artists willingness and motivation to seek responses. I had engaged in many discussion in various social environments. I had asked members of classes that I am in, exploited all my friends and their friends, stood in the waiting section of the Starbucks on campus, and approached many other individuals in a myriad of settings with the same question. This commitment and investment in my time and energy has really allowed me to think critically about how such a simple question repeated so many times can give me so much insight on the tendencies of human beings. I experienced the typical comfort and laise affair attitude of group dynamics, to the uncertainty and hesitancy of individual strangers, and everything inbetween. 

The words in sequence are as follows: 

Food. Calories. Fat. Butter. Connor. Toats. Clueless. Stupid. Commonsense. Obvious. Catch. Baseball. Bae. Partner. Relationship. Loyalty. Trust. Fear. Stress. Work. Fast. Speed. First. Won. Champion. NAV. Brown. Hashbrown. Potato. Fries. Chicken. Fries. Ketchup. Red. Head. Blowjob. Bluejays. Baseball. Ball. Base. Baseball. Bat. Beat. Drum. Scott. Travis. Future. Past. Present. Gift. Christmas. Family. Friends. Animals. Lion. Lioness. Lion. Tiger. Fierce. Wow. onomatopoeia. Bang. Drag. Nag. Grab. Hand. Swift. Taylor. Music. Rock. Dwayne. Rock. Dwayne. rock. Dwayne. Rock. Stone. Bong. Mary. Dad. Dead. Worms. Fishing. Lure. Worm. Dirt. Oreo. Cookie. Monster. Hiley. Napanee. Lavigne. Adam. California. LA. Cali. Brown. Boots. Country. Horse. Power. Lift. Hypertrophy. Creatine. Glutes. Bubble. Gum. Bubble. NBA. Bets. Money. Economy. Ownership. Home. Sleep. Hello. Wassup. Slang. Highschool. Children. Family. Dream. Youtube. Video. Facebook. Zuckerberg. Mike. Wazowski. Green. Frog. Blend.

Bonus Mark (Choose an Artist)

Katie Paterson

Katie Paterson is a contemporary visual artist who has been known to carry forward ideas and strategies from conceptual art in her work. Paterson’s practice is often informed by scientific inquiry, and she uses a range of mediums and techniques to create artworks that engage with concepts of time, space, and the natural world.

One way that Paterson’s work carries forward ideas from conceptual art is by using language and text as a significant component of her practice. She creates intricate conceptual systems that incorporate scientific and literary references, and her artworks often include titles that reference specific scientific phenomena or texts. For example, her work “Field recordings and sounds of the earth’s movement” is a sound installation that uses seismic data to generate soundscapes of the earth’s movement, highlighting the importance of scientific data in the creation of her work.

Another way that Paterson’s work carries forward ideas from conceptual art is by using everyday materials and processes to create her artworks. She often uses found objects and natural materials, such as meteorites or trees, in her sculptures and installations. She also uses processes such as photography and drawing to create artworks that explore the limits of representation and perception.

Paterson’s work also engages with ideas of temporality and ephemerality, which are central themes in conceptual art. For example, her work “Future Library” is a conceptual artwork that involves the creation of a public artwork that will only be completed in 100 years. Each year, a writer is commissioned to write a manuscript that will be kept in a specially designed room, and the artwork will only be opened and read by future generations.

In conclusion, Katie Paterson’s work carries forward ideas and strategies from conceptual art by using language and text as a significant component of her practice, using everyday materials and processes to create her artworks, and engaging with themes of temporality and ephemerality. Her work pushes the boundaries of art and science and encourages viewers to question their understanding of the world around them.






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