• Our first class is happening this Tuesday – in anticipation of that, here is some basic information we’ll be going over in class so you have access to it before/after.

    Looking forward to meeting you all!

    What to expect of me:

    Late policy – 5% off/day for a max of 10 days

    Email Response Times ~ 2 days (if you haven’t heard from me after 2 days please bug me about it!)

    Office hour – by appointment on Tuesdays or Thursdays either before or after class 

    Content delivered by Class Blog – I’ll post links/content from each week here

    Grades delivered by Courselink

    Mark Breakdowns and Overview of Assignments

    Conceptual Art Exercise – Short presentation 10%

    Video + Photography – Food as Art 15%

    Video art after the Internet – Video using Found Surveillance Footage 15%

    Non-Archival Art – Art that rots, melts, sticks 15% 

    Artist Multiple – TBD 15%

    Animation and Field Recording – Using 3D scans and field recordings to make video art 15%

    *Non-graded assignment – Writing Successful Applications*Participation: To receive a full participation grade, a student must post and discuss comprehensive notes, research, and references in the process of creating artworks and responding to assignments. Students are also expected to make meaningful contributions to conversations, critiques, attending and engaging in class materials. Important Note: More than three absences from class may result in a grade of zero in participation. All classes are necessary to complete assignments and to contribute to our supportive artistic community. (15%)

    Additional Marks:

    If you go out to a contemporary art event during the term, document it (2-3 artworks or short video and title of exhibition), you will receive a 5% boost on your lowest mark. Limit of 10x to a max grade of 90.

    Things that count:

    -art shows

    -art screenings 

    -experimental music nights 

    Things that do not count (in this context):

    -art markets/stores 

    -Regular music shows

    -Historical exhibitions (eg. Guelph Civic Museum, with potential exceptions)

Experimental Studio II/III

Winter 2024 Tuesdays + Thursdays 2:30-5:30

Overview of Projects

Conceptual Art Exercise/Presentation

Short presentations that will take place throughout the semester (done in pairs)


Food + Performance + Photography

Beginning with taking video of a friend of family member telling you their favourite recipe, you will then use those ingredients to create a series of photographs and a performance-to-camera.


Surveillance Art/Art After the Internet

Using EarthCams, you will create a piece of video art. You will also be recording voiceovers.


Artist Multiples



Anti-Archival Art

Utilizing techniques such as mold-making, cooking, fermentation, you will be making artworks that either melt, rot, or stick.


Experimental Animation + Field Recording

You will use your phones to 3D scan objects from your environment and learn to animate the scans using Blender. Additionally, you will be using field recorders to capture sound in order to create soundtracks for your animations.


An array of resources

List of spots to go for inspiration and assistance:

Ed Video

  • Equipment rental
  • Workshops
  • Local (on York St.)


  • Massive database of post-internet art + video
  • Free