“Pin-Seption” Ana Lilliman 2024

The purpose of a pin is to express something about one’s self in hopes of finding like minded individuals. Whether it be a band you like, a cause you believe in or just a silly picture of a koala we put pins on in hopes that other people will look at them and go “aha I do that” (like the vine). Personally I am someone who shares a lot about myself. I am a sensitive pisces baby and letting others know that in public settings makes me feel seen and not talking about myself feels like hiding a dirty secret(I hate that!) . Something I’ve had to learn as I’ve gotten older is that just because people know things about me doesn’t mean they know me in the deeper sense. In this piece “Imma pin” as in I am both the round flat button pin in costume form (a-la inspiration from Megan’s thesis performance) as well as I’m depicted as a naked felted lapel pin. This is to tie the relationship between identity and the physical body. As someone raised as a woman I was taught to believe that my body was the most interesting important part of my identity growing up. Now I’m certain it isn’t. But what is? Certainly not my favourite band, my trauma or my mistakes. This however seems to be the basis for the beginning of all of my relationships whether platonic or romantic. They have all grown deeper but I guess that’s the role of a pin/my performance. I tell you and show you a lot about myself in this piece both through that of my silly song, my dance and the actual words telling you that I am a pin on my costume. But what do you really learn about me? Do you feel closer? Do you want to know more? The point of a pin is to curate that first impression I suppose and well…..I’mma Pin. It’s just silly but it’s also more but it’s just silly.

Author: alillima

my name is Ana and i can fit like 12 grapes in my mouth I'm guessing

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