Readings – General Idea & Artist Multiples

Individually, formulate a short response of either 200-300 written words or about 2 minutes of speaking (audio or video recording) using the questions (at the bottom of the page) as prompts for thinking. You might only be able to answer one question! Your response is due on the blog on Thursday March 28th. There will be time in class before then for group discussions.

Questions to Consider:

  • Recall how Pope.L harnessed “the power of the popular” in his performances in public places. How did General Idea do something similar with their editions?
  • How did General Idea link disease, politics, and the dissemination of their artworks through the idea of “viral transmission”? How do you think social media might have transformed this idea had the collective survived to present day?
  • Can the edition exist on the internet/social media? Is it important that editions can be “owned”?
  • Miller describes the AIDS edition as being “like a redundant thought balloon, spelling out what people already feared but refused to say.” If that in 1987 was AIDS, what might that be today?
  • What is the significance of the final sentence of Miller’s essay in relation to the concept of General Idea’s AIDS work(s)?

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