Lecture: Text Art and Artist Multiples/Editions

Barbara Kruger

Untitled (Your Comfort is My Silence), 1981
Untitled (I Shop Therefore I Am), 1987

Jenny Holzer

Truisms billboard series, 1980s-present
Truisms billboard series, 1980s-present
Truisms billboard series, 1980s-present

General Idea

Nazi Milk, 1979
Nazi Milk Glass, 1980
FILE Magazine, Issue 1, 1972
FILE Magazine, Issue 29, 1989
 Homeless Sign for Trump Tower, 1989
AIDS, 1987

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Artist Buttons

“Since the 1950’s artists have been making inexpensive, accessible works in a series/edition intended for wider distribution than singular objects in museums. These have served to critique commercial/market aspects of the art world, and the myth of an expensive “original.” Artist multiples have been made as prints, small manufactured sculptures, pins, artist books, magazines, postcards, t-shirts, zines and other commercially reproducible media. They are sometimes given away for free, traded or sold for low cost in bookstores, independent art galleries, libraries, convenience stores, activists’ gatherings, and more.
Artist multiples are sometimes playful and mischievous – exploring new and surprising manifestations of commercial media – and often convey ideas and meaning against expected commercial, social, and political goals.”
-from Diane Borsato’s Experimental Studio I blog

Sandy Plotnikoff – Velcro Pins (year?)
Kelly Mark – Everything is Interesting, 2003
Paige Gratland – Tit Pins, 2004
Paige Gratland – Tit Pins, 2004
Jessie Eisner – Ask Me Buttons, 2014

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