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KM – January 17

My kilometre was made by walking ten lengths of a soccer field (plus 7m to make it an even 100m each time) while moving a yellow ball. I gave myself the task to move the ball using a different motion each time. This task became harder to complete as I progressed through my kilometre, as my movements had to become more abstract in order to follow my rule. I documented my kilometre by wearing a POV camera with bright orange gloves and a dark-coloured jacket to contrast the snow I was walking upon. To show the abstract variations in movement, I overlayed these clips in three layers using a ‘vivid light’ blend mode to morph the figures together and dissolve any visual hierarchy or fading in the dynamics of the video. The goal with this was to create a video that focused on the strange dance created by the body rather than the specific actions themselves. One quickly and often loses track of the ball when watching the video, and the movement overtakes the action as the focus.

Alternate Version*EPILEPSY WARNING*

This version utilizes a concoction of effects to glitch and warp the video, making it focused on the movements of the whole frame, deemphasizing the hands/ball in some shots, and isolating it in others. I found this version to be less effective overall, but it produced some super interesting footage.

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