Lily’s Work

Week One:

Hello everyone,

This past week we were able to connect and introduce ourselves via zoom to acquaint ourselves to the course as well as one-another. We began our introductions by allowing each student to pick an item that best represented an element of their personality; many students chose to explain their connections to houseplants and small personal trinkets. I chose to show a clay lighter sleeve that I had recently made to look like a human eye; which connects two of my passions; anatomy and art. We then looked through the course outline and asked any questions regarding the upcoming semester.

In the following class, we began our research into some of the more well-known conceptual artists of the century to best exemplify conceptual artworks in order to inspire us to create our first project. We looked into artists such as Sol Lewitt who uses code and analytical diagrams to conduct other artists to create his visions. We looked at Yoko Ono and the written work she has created as artistic instruction. Furthermore we looked into Bruce Neumann who focused greatly on the banal moments of the human experience which greatly opposes the precise and accurate depictions that Sol Lewitt worked towards. Finally, we were introduced to our upcoming assignment; conceptualizing 1 kilometre without using visual art mediums.

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