Everybody Is An Art Critic – Flash Cards by Mary Kroetsch


Visual Artists today are constantly under fire by Art Critics who usually criticize art in the context of aesthetics or the theory of beauty.  Art Criticism has been divided into three categories – Formal Theories, Socio-cultural Theories, and Expressive Theories.  The required education of an Art Critic is a Masters and/or Doctoral Degree in Art History.

For a detailed Job Description for an Art Critic go here:  Art Critic Job Description

But not all Critics of art are formally educated to be one.

This Flash Card series takes a look at what other people who may or may not be trained to know what they are talking about.  The question I am asking here is:

“Does someone’s obscure opinion of a Masterwork such as Mona Lisa, influence your opinion on whether this is art or not?”


  1. Picked up some paint chip samples from hardware store.
  2. Cut them down and scanned into Photoshop.
  3. Snagged an image of Mona Lisa from web.
  4. Used Photoshop to scale and divide Mona into three colours that reasonably matched the paint chip.
  5. Found one line quotes by a variety of people from professional Golfers and Musicians to Journalists and Playwrights and placed one on the back of each Mona Flash Card.