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Nothing is something is a phrase that has many meanings. you all know the show Seinfeld, well the writers pitch to NBC to get the show running was one about showing the creative process comedians might go through to create jokes. But they quickly started to joke about it being a show about nothing because comedians are usually lazy and just seem to talk a lot to get the comedy ball rolling. This joke caught on and quickly became a nickname or slogan of the show. This was my inspiration for the piece because someones nothing could mean something incredibly important to a different person, its all about ones opinion on the matter. for example, in Seinfeld, showing the creative process was really important to Jerry and the rest of the comedians and writers on the show because this is how they got their material but a lot of people viewed it as them simply doing nothing. This is a clip an episode of Seinfeld to show you exactly what i mean…

nothing can also exist as the absence of something that was once there. so with this in mind I decided to cut out the “is” in the sticker so the background of whatever you decide to stick it one shows through the nothingness. I used illustrator to vector the cursive “is” and downloaded a unique font for the words “nothing” and “something” The goal of this sticker is to put it on things that people might not understand means something to you because it means nothing to them. For all the ladies out there maybe a your brother or another guy in your house always leaves the toilet seat up because it doesn’t affect them. Or maybe someone always uses the last bit of milk but never changes the bag.


My girlfriend said nothing was wrong a couple weeks ago but little did I know something was actually
This computer has been broken for some time now and has done absolutely nothing since, but I built with my brother, and means something to both of us.

I got this hat from a thrift store after someone gave it away because it didn’t mean much to them anymore. but i loved the hat and thought it was something that would look good on me.