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The Portable Herb Garden Diaries is an artist multiple as well as a useable kit. The idea began during the transitioning of the season from fall to winter. Plants are known to not sprout outdoors in the soil during the cold weather thus I thought why not have a plant that is transportable and can be grown indoors all year around in pots. I also wanted the work to feel personalized and catered towards each participant that is in possession of this kit. As a result, all the materials required were included in the kit as a sense of motivation.

This kit includes a big plant pot, plant markers, soil, manure, peat moss, a marker, paper plant cups, a scoop, a spray bottle, a disposable camera, herb seed paper (chives, rosemary, oregano, parsley), terra cotta bases, a napkin, and instructions. The plantable seed paper was inspired by handmade paper and by submerging the seeds into the paper for planting it supports the growth of the plant. Brief instructions are included due to the project being open for creativity and interpretation by the participants. Participants are expected to follow the procedures to successfully sprout the herbs. The participants are expected to document the occurrences of the plants however, the content of the photos are to be determined by the participants. The disposable camera is to be returned to me within a specific time frame. Whether the camera is empty or contains the roll of film, that is the participants discretion. If the participants decide to return the camera back to me with the film intact I will develop it to reveal the content of the photos.

Portable Herb Garden Diaries was shrink wrapped with all the contents contained within the wrapper and all the multiples were presented on top of a shelf lined up. Once the herbs have been fully grown they are ready to be preserved or used in cooking. Each herb has a different taste and scent. Some are mild and some are peppery. The Portable Herb Garden Diaries is an ongoing project that is left open for creativity, interpretation, and for participants to help me complete.

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