Video from Diane: Course Wrap Up and Still Life mini-lecture

Hi Foundations students, I hope you are home and staying well, and keeping your spirits up. We are taking part in a very meaningful moment – where the world is coming together to care for the most vulnerable among us. Remembering this larger purpose for this period helps me feel calmer, and better able to take care of myself and help my family. I hope you can remember the good you are doing too!

See the information in writing below to summarize what you are required to finish the Foundations Course. I will summarize it in this video – and also give you a mini-lecture to discuss the important ideas in the New Nature Morte/Still Life lecture. Listen to the whole thing – and I hope you can take some time to immerse yourself in meaningful activities like reading, writing, exploring new contemporary artists, and making art! Stay safe, Diane

Summary of course wrap up, and a some extra lecture notes.

SART 1050 Foundation Studio:

Adapted course materials

Important notes about final assignments:

Your final Re-Do project, and the OPTIONAL Still Life assignment in Foundation Studio can be done from home.

You will not have to go to campus for any reason, to use studios or materials for the rest of the term to complete this course. Tools and equipment, and the studio will not be available.

I would recommend you use your laptops, phones, and digital cameras at home to complete your projects. Artists are famously resourceful, in fact a few extra constraints can boost creativity, and create new meaning in your works. You can finish your works for this course using materials and things you find in your home.


Send your TA’s an email if you have questions about this information or your final work. Give us all a day or two to reply – since we are all multi-tasking work, travel and family responsibilities at this time.  





 If you submit your Re-Do final image – we will give you a final grade based on all your work this term up to this project. And you will not need to do any more projects. If you want to improve your grade, or have time and would like to learn more and finish another artwork – great! Do the last assignment too – the Still Life. (Attached and on the blog course material page) We are happy to comment on and grade this work too – if you submit it by the deadline by email to your TA.

Your final works will be graded generously, with the consideration that they have been completed independently and without studio equipment and supports. And we all know this has been a stressful time – so do your best and we will consider all of these factors in your final grading. I do expect the works to be submitted on time for these adapted deadlines – keep in touch if you are ill or have other serious obstacles to doing so and we will take everything into consideration.

Foundation 1050 ASSIGNMENTS

  1. Re-Do Image

As everyone has had a chance to see lots of works by artists in lectures, and discuss their ideas in tutorial – you can complete a version of this project for a new deadline. You may need to make modifications to your ideas to stick with rules for social distancing, and for staying home.

Re-visit lectures and references for this project:

Submit to your TA by email:


You must also include a title, your name, and a short description of your work.

Include an image of the original artwork you are re-doing too for reference

No prep work images are needed.

You will not need to hand in prep-work – just one or two final images, the reference image, and a short description.

 Deadline to email your TA will be at the end of the day on Thursday March 26th

  • Still Life Photo: OPTIONAL Final Assignment*

*NOTE: We will give students a final mark based on work submitted so far, up to the Re-Do project. If you are not happy with your grade, or want to learn a little more and get another work done for grading – do this assignment below.

            See attached for the Still Life assignment sheet.

See lectures and references for this project:

See my on-line video discussing this final OPTIONAL project:

OPTIONAL Submit to your TA by email:

ONE or TWO FINAL IMAGES of your Still Life assignment (see attached)

You must also include a title, your name, and a short description, references for your work*

No prep work images are needed.

**Note the main concepts and compositional elements at play in your final work, and we will look for evidence you have explored the examples and descriptions in the lecture materials. Reference some works from the links above that have informed/influenced your thinking in your project.

 OPTIONAL Deadline will be at the end of the day on Thursday April 2nd.

Note: If you hand in this optional assignment –we will mark it very generously – and it may help improve your grade up to now.

  • NOTE: Group Presentation and Summary for TWO SIDES is cancelled. This assignment will no longer be required to complete the course.

WATCH Diane’s Video summary of all this information, and lecture summary for Still Life assignment:

TA’s Email:




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