Keychains for Smiles

Andrea McCallum

I went through my craft and art supply totes and found some shrink sheets and keychains that would both be great for artist multiples! I wanted to make multiples with text that would make people smile if I were to give them out or leave them for people to find.

My original idea for this was a screen printed bookmark printed in thicker lettering
in rainbow ombre or in bright colours.

Just the Essentials

Before leaving the house, everyone checks to make sure they have the essentials; phone, wallet, and keys. The brand of phone, case accessories, style and size of wallet, and what we keep on our key chain, each reflect our individuality. In a series of photographs, I created a portrait of my family at our dinner table, in our typical seating arrangement. Although its all the same three items arranged the same way, its obvious just how personalized and unique they, and subsequently we, are.

Our home and native land!

Canada. Not only our home and native land, but also a diverse multicultural land.

Due to COVID-19, I could not explore the multicultural life in the cities. However, when in doubt, Google is your best friend in this case. The translated script of O Canada is based on research about some of Canada’s top non-English speaking immigrants.

Each line in the script except for the first and last has been translated into some of Canada’s top non-English immigrant languages. Read it first, carefully and figure out what languages the lines are. DO NOT use Translate…it’s cheating.