“Crocheted Kilometre”

Cartwheels (Loop)
Thumb Wars
Staring Contest

To Do List:

For this experimental 1 minute sound project, I decided to record my roommates listing some of the things they need to get done in the upcoming week. It was interesting to listen to the varying items on their lists and the repetition of certain things between them. I also thought it was funny because I actually had to beg my roommates to record this because they are so busy with the things they have to do. I really enjoy this piece not only for the satisfaction of hearing all the things they have to do but also because it acts as a reflection of our household during the first week of March 2023. I love that this piece works when confined to a minute and also love that this piece feels like it could go on forever with a variety of subjects.

A Synesthete’s Alphabet

For this self portrait, I decided to document the way I see the alphabet through crochet. Since I have synesthesia, I see the alphabet (and many other things like numbers and music) in very specific ways. I decided to display how I see the alphabet through crochet because I see letters in a very spatial way and see them hooking onto each other. By using crochet, I could create a malleable alphabet the same way that I conceive it in my head. In the future, I would love to continue this project and add numbers, songs and other things I see differently than the typical person.

Bug Pins

For this project I decided to create pins with all different bugs on them. This idea interested me because everyday I wear a bug necklace and have a character that I draw that represents myself called “Bug Girl”. After creating the pins, I put all of them on my backpack and wore them like that for a couple days. I enjoyed seeing people’s reactions to me wearing them all and even catching one person taking a picture while I was on the bus. In a way, it reminds me of the self portrait project because I feel I am wearing a documentation of myself. I also enjoy wearing them all at once because it seems so absurd to have that many bug pins on at once. I also liked people’s different reactions because some people love bugs while others hate them. Overall, I really enjoyed this project and look forward to wearing the pins in a variety of ways.