Week 2

SUMMARY OF WORK IN WEEK 2 (see details below):

  1. LOOK AT the work of Marina Abramovic

2. WATCH The Artist is Present film

3. POST A PHOTO of you doing a Abramovic style gesture, with a short description


  1. LOOK AT the work of Marina Abramovic here:


The Artist is Present, Full Video from the Library streamed here:


© 2010 Scott Rudd www.scottruddphotography.com scott.rudd@gmail.com

In an endeavor to transmit the presence of the artist and make her historical performances accessible to a larger audience, the exhibition includes the first live re-performances of Abramović’s works by other people ever to be undertaken in a museum setting. In addition, a new, original work performed by Abramović will mark the longest duration of time that she has performed a single solo piece.Source 


Be still.

For one hour.

Set a timer and stick with the task, being as still and focused as possible. Have someone else take a few snapshots of you in your 1 hour performance of stillness. If you can’t get anyone to take the picture – set up a camera and re-perform your stillness later to show it with as much honest as possible.

Choose a location – indoors, or outdoors, in private or in public.* Push yourself to choose a surprising, or unusual location. Even if it’s a strange place to be in your house – like under the coffee table or pressed hard against the window looking out.

Use the time to meditate, to breathe, to rest, or enjoy some quiet. Or you may push yourself to hold a position that is challenging. In the description of your image, discuss how it felt to be still, and how the experience and your insights about the gesture may have developed over the course of an hour. Why did you choose the particular location and position? How did the gesture help you relate to any of the works of Abramovic? Write a paragraph or two to describe your action.

*Remember everything we do must be safe, for yourself and for others, and allowed within the public health guidelines.

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