Museum of Jurassic Technology and Cultures of Display

The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles holds many splendid,
unique, and puzzling treasures. It’s a carnival of delights and ideas, weaving
art and science, fiction and data, all together into something enchanting and
joyful. In this first of two segments on the museum, curator David Wilson (and artist)
describes the origins of the project. He says, “I wanted to know, I was
compelled to know, what would happen if a person put everything they had, all of their emotional, financial, spiritual resources behind a single project.” From

Together in class we’ll watch Inhaling the Spore: A Journey Through the Museum of Jurassic Technology.


Inhaling the breath of a duck, according to the exhibit, was once used to cure children of thrush and other disorders of the mouth and throat. (Ann Summa)
From a display in the museum, Mice on toast are presented as historic  cure for bedwetting.
From a museum display of animal and “human horns.”


See Mark Dion’s installations of natural and cultural artifacts.

See Kelly Jazvac’s Plastiglomerates. 

See Herman DeVries’s works using scientific systems of organization and display


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