Astronomy vs. Astrology

Astrology vs. Astronomy*

by Andrea Aleman-Pastor and Alaina Osborne

Astronomy vs Astrology is a recording of two voices discussing their thoughts on the cosmos.

This audio track combines the responses from separate interviews of an astronomer and astrologer answering identical questions. Historically, Astronomy (the scientific study of the universe) and Astrology (how the universe affects people i.e. horoscopes) were studied academically as the same practice but have since been disconnected.

This piece explores the relationship between the two fields. The voices seem to have a conversation as they dispute and reconcile their beliefs.

The audio piece was created as a limited edition CD


The back cover outlines instructions on how to listen to the piece

“Play this CD on an audio system with separate left and right speakers if possible. Place speakers on different sides of the room. Eliminate all light sources in order to listen in complete darkness. Lie down facing up in a stargazing position. Closing your eyes is optional.

Play the audio track to meditate, reflect, and contemplate the universe.”



Special Thanks To:

Mike Massa, Judith Sainsbury, & Nathan Saliwonchyk

*the order in which “Astronomy” and “Astrology” appear in the title is meant to be reversible.


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