Library Bulbs

Marije Stryker 


lib bloom 1


Library Bulbs consists of 45 narcissus bulbs planted throughout the  University of Guelph library. The bulbs were planted on November 22, 2015, watered weekly, and began to flower on December 12th, filling the library floors with white and yellow blooms and a faint but characteristically narcissus-like scent.

This project was inspired by the children’s book The Lupin Lady, in which Miss Rumphius -a retired librarian- scatters lupin seeds throughout Maine simply to make the world a more beautiful place. This process of planting flowers in public areas is reenacted in Library Bulbs. It was carried out in the style of guerrilla gardening- without permission, but with the intention of creating a more enjoyable environment for students studying in the library.


Planting the bulbs and watering with Outdoor School


The Results

lib blooms 8

lib blooms 3

lib blooms 2

lib blooms 4

lib blooms 5

lib blooms 6

lib blooms 7



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