Vaughn Bell

Vaughn Bell examines the landscape, our connection and responsibilities to landscape, how we are affected and how we affect the spaces and places we encounter. Her interests include discussion of sustainability, property rights, public space and ecological function in the field of contemporary art practices. Her performances in public and installation works look into local sites, art histories, and cultures as a groundwork for site-based work.

The Portable Environments

garden-cart-bean(Portable Gardens)

pinecart(Portable Forests)

treecart-shade(Portable Tree)

greenhouse(Portable Greenhouse: Green for a Northern Winter)

One of Bell’s installation pieces entitled The Portable Environments requires the time, patience and effort of Bell because the plants require care and maintenance. According to Bell, she takes each plant on trips through the city; she waters, trims, cleans, monitors and documents them at the end.

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