Rebecca Belmore

Rebecca Belmore is a multi-disciplinary Canadian artist born in Upsala, Ontario and is currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her work addresses identity, place and history with the use of mediums like sculpture, installation, video, and performance. She is recognized internationally for her performance and installation work.

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These images display Belmore using the clay dug up from Red River Valley to create “clay beads” which will be strung together to create a large blanket with folds. Thousands of hand-pressed clay beads will be created and the idea is supposed to reflect earth, water and sky.

Rebecca Belmore says, regarding this work: “‘So if you put fire, earth and clay together, you get ceramics…revisiting this idea of human beings that have always used the earth to make objects that were functional to them, to us…therefore this work is…about our human relationship to the land’”

Full article featuring this work and some of Belmore’s other works visit this link

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