Examples of photography in the middle of the day

(These pictures have not been altered from the way they were shot, to focus on how the lighting will change with your surroundings.) 

(As a learning experience, I would invite you all to take a picture in three different light situations: 1 in the morning as the sun is rising, 1 in the middle of the day with the sun up high, and a third with the sun setting or having just set. You will learn a lot about photography by doing just these three photos. – Nathan)


Here we all are. Happy friends, fellow classmates. You all are evenly lit for the most past. But check out that hot spot on Sonali’s head. Good luck fixing that!

Also, check out how overexposed the background is. Pay attention to your background!


Ah the wonders of direct lighting! Hot bright foreheads and nice deep shadows under the eyes, chin and nose keep everyone from being easy to look at. Even more enticing, look at the nice shadows that branch makes on the people to the left of it. You can barely tell what they look like!


Another picture in partially shaded scene. Look how bright Diane’s face is. You will spend hours and hours joyfully trying to fix that in Photoshop.


Here’s a shot of Andrea with her back to the sun. This would normally look a lot worse, but there was a nice bright sidewalk under her, giving a little bounced light to brighten her up.


Here she is with a reflector – too much, too much! Maybe that reflector should be pulled back a bit. I think this is the gold one.


Here’s one that looks pretty good – the reflector is back a little further. Check out the action shot in the background! This is why you might want to use a high shutter speed!


Here is our photogenic Andrea looking happy to be part of a photo demo. Can you see any harsh shadows under her face? No? That’s because we have a nice reflector in front of her.


A shot with the white diffuser in front of the sun, making the light on Andrea soft and balanced. This gives the nicest light of all. The only problem is that background is way too overexposed. Looks like a job for Photoshop!

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